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Reduce Muscle Tension and Relieve Achy Muscles and Joints Tension and headaches are a common ailment for many busy moms. The essential oils in Tension...

Reduce Muscle Tension and Relieve Achy Muscles and Joints

Tension and headaches are a common ailment for many busy moms. The essential oils in Tension Ease are widely regarded for their ability to help the relieve pain and tension associated with headaches. When combined in this powerful blend, these oils have a powerful effect on muscle tension, pain and inflammation.

Tension Ease is a blend of popular essential oils known to help headaches like wintergreen leaf, lavender flower, peppermint flowering herb, frankincense resin and others. Many of these oils have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that help headaches. Others have cooling, soothing and sedative properties.

Headaches have many causes and Tension Ease is able to help with them due to its variety of therapeutic qualities. Tension Ease can help headaches caused by tension, muscle soreness and sinus congestion. It’s also useful on sore muscles and as a relaxation aid.

The Amazing Benefits of Tension Ease Blend

Relieves headaches – The pain relieving properties of Tension Ease combined with its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties make this blend a powerful headache fighter.

Soothes sore muscles – Tension Ease is an anti-inflammatory and also has a light, cooling effect on the skin.

Releases tension – Some of the oils in this blend have a calming effect, making for a powerful stress reliever when combined with the blend’s other tension-reducing properties.

Top Ways to Use Tension Ease Blend

For relieving headaches: Apply Tension Ease to the temples, forehead, back of the neck and the reflex areas on the hands and feet to reduce headache pain.

For melting away tension: Use a few drops of Tension Ease in your favorite diffuser and inhale during times of stress and tension.

For sinus congestion: Add a few drops of Tension Ease to a diffuser before bedtime to help with sinus congestion.

Note: Talk to your doctor before using if pregnant. Can cause skin sensitivity in rare cases.

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Tension Ease Oil Is An Essential Oil That Helps Reduce Muscle Tension And Relieve Achy Muscles And Joints. Learn More About This Popular Essential Oil

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