Essential Oil Wood Box w/ Key Chain (Aqua)


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USE AND STORE AT HOME - This custom-made, lightweight box holds 25 (5 to 15 ml) essential oil bottles and serves as a beautiful display...

  • USE AND STORE AT HOME - This custom-made, lightweight box holds 25 (5 to 15 ml) essential oil bottles and serves as a beautiful display case for your essential oils when using at home, making presentations or just showing off your oils.
  • GET MORE USE OUT OF YOUR OILS - This small essential oil carrying case fits easily in a purse or work bag, making it the perfect size to take with you everywhere you go - whether you fly, bus, drive, or walk - and ensure you get the best use out of your oils and travel in style! It also clips on to a backpack or other bag.
  • SHARE YOUR OILS - Keep your essential oils close at all times to use and to share with friends, kids, pets, and others no matter where you are!
  • TRANSFER YOUR OILS WITHOUT SPILLS AND LEAKS - This kit is perfect to keep your oils at home, effortlessly transfer your oils to travel-sized vials for quick and easy use with the included pipettes, and travel with your favorite essential oils! The vials included with this essential oils bag prevent leakage and keep your oils from spilling. The keychain also protects the vials, making it spillproof!
  • PERFECT GIFT - This essential oil bundle includes a Wooden Essential Oil Box, Keychain Pouch, 8 5/8 Dram (2ml) Vials, 15 Blank Lid Stickers, and 8 Plastic Transfer Pipetters, making it the perfect gift for beginners and long-time users and allowing you to get the most out of your essential oils!

The Most Stylish and All-Purpose Essential Oil Travel Kit You'll Ever Find!!!

Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are so many benefits, and yet many people who use them don't have them around when they need them the most.

This essential oil box, key chain, and vials set gives you the ability to have your essential oils with your no matter where you are!

Some Reasons To Buy This Essential Oils Kit:

- Keep your oils handy at home for use and for presentations
- Create a portable, natural first aid kit for travel, emergency, or every day use
- Share your oils with your friends, family, kids, pets, and all others no matter where you are! This is also a perfect way to get someone new started!
- Fit your essential oils easily into your purse, pocket, work bag, makeup bag, briefcase, backpack, or any other bag. You can also clip it on to anything!
- Easily transfer your oils without spilling or leaks using the included pipettes
- Brighten your mood, improve your focus, calm your anxiety, prevent sickness, and get all other benefits of essential oils no matter where you are!

Included In This Listing:

- Wooden Essential Oil Box - Holds 25 5-15ml essential oil bottles
- Key Chain Pouch with Clip (zipper bag with eight elastic straps to hold vials)
- Eight Pipettes
- Eight 5/8 Dram Vials (2 ml) with Orifice Reducer and Cap - seals in oils and makes it easy to disburse
- Eight Blank Lid Labels

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