Deep Soothe Muscle Rub


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Soothe Achy Joints and Muscles This powerful rub is a rich, topical cream is infused with Deep Soothe Essential Oil Soothing Blend. This proprietary formulation...

Soothe Achy Joints and Muscles

This powerful rub is a rich, topical cream is infused with Deep Soothe Essential Oil Soothing Blend. This proprietary formulation provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth, giving it an outstanding ability to soothe inflammation, alleviate pain, and ease soreness. Deep Soothe Muscle Rub is useful for sports injuries, overexerted muscles and headaches.

Deep Soothe Muscle Rub uses close to 5 mL of Viola's Deep Soothe blend of wintergreen leaf, camphor wood, peppermint flower herb, helichrysum flower, blue chamomile flower, blue tansy leaf, and osmanthus flower oils. Individually, these oils are known for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, warming, cooling, and cortisone-like properties. Deep Soothe Muscle Rub is an essential addition to your bathroom, first aid kit, and gym bag.

The base elements of this rub leave your skin feeling soft and not oily.

The Amazing Benefits of Deep Soothe Blend

Soothes inflammation – This combination of oils, when blended together, has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help the body ease inflammation.

Alleviates pain – Due to the analgesic properties of these oils, Deep Soothe Muscle Rub works to reduce pain in the muscles and joints.

Eases soreness – The warming and cooling properties of Deep Soothe Muscle Rub give it the ability to melt away soreness in overworked muscles.

Top Ways to Use Deep Soothe Blend

Massage lotion onto affected muscles, joints, and other surface tissues.  Repeat if necessary.  For more intensive treatment, apply Deep Soothe blend prior to lotion application.

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This Powerful Muscle Rub Is A Rich, Topical Cream Is Infused With Deep Soothe Oil. This Essential Oils Blend Is Useful For Sports Injuries, And Headaches.