Natural Pain Relief with Essential Oils

Natural Pain Relief with Essential Oils

​One substantial obstacle in life can cause “living” to come to a screeching halt. That major show stopper is called PAIN. The kind of pain that lays you up, and there’s nothing to distract you from it. Back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain, stomach pain, where does it end? Pain that comes from overexertion, pain as an outcome from too much stress, and pain that occurs due to living a sedentary lifestyle. It seems as if we can’t get away from it, no matter what we do. 

It all comes down to how we go about treating that pain. Treating pain with traditional medicine can cause dangerous side-effects and unfavorable results. Those adverse effects accumulate and magnify with long term use. Many of our modern-day medicines were derived from plants, but fused with an artificial chemical content. As a result, many are turning to essential oils to provide a safe and effective way to achieve relief.

When it comes to pain relief, there are many essential oils that can provide comfort from pain and inflammation. Some essential oils act as an analgesic to provide pain relief, while others reduce inflammation are great at treating pain, corresponding with rheumatic and arthritic problems. Many essential oils can also help to relax muscles and calm the nerves associated with pain and discomfort. Study below which oils will best suit you, and your circumstances.

​The Top 12 Pain Relieving Essential Oils:

Wintergreen is known as top notch when it comes to pain. Stemming from its main compound, methyl salicylate, it serves as an analgesic rivaling its long-time competitor, aspirin. When applied topically with your favorite carrier oil, it acts the same as a 325 mg aspirin tablet! In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties, and can be used for inflammation, stiff joints, and muscle pain.

Known for its anti-cancer compounds, and anti-inflammatory agents, frankincense is known to treat chronic inflammation. Experts have deemed inflammation as the root cause for all disease, including cancer. Many also treat nerve pain with frankincense.

Most noted about lavende,r is its calming and relaxation benefits. This, combined with its healing properties, makes it one of the best aromatherapy oils for pain relief. It is one of the most versatile oils that can be used to reduce inflammation and improve sleep quality, that could otherwise be compromised by pain. It can also be used to treat ear pain, gas pain, and pains associated with fibromyalgia, as it can decrease the anxiety and stress associated with fibromyalgia.

Ginger, when applied with a carrier oil, showed to be an all-around versatile ingredient when it comes to pain relief. For many it decreased stiffness and pains in bones, joints, neck, knee and back injuries, causing significant signs of inflammation to decrease.

One of the best qualities for chamomile is it’s pain-relieving and anti-stress properties that have shown to help irritated joints and muscles. Chamomile essential oil has also shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Known for its distinct scent, eucalyptus is known best for its ability to help ease joint pain. In fact, most over-the-counter creams and ointments used to soothe pain from conditions like osteoarthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis contain this essential oil. Most that have had a joint or muscle injury find it helpful to use eucalyptus to aid in recovery.

Peppermint can ease muscle pain when applied topically. It can also assist in soothing stomach pain associated with digestive issues. Many have found peppermint oil useful in helping to ease headache tension.

Rosemary is one of the richest herbs that has one of the highest natural concentration of antioxidants of any plant-based food. Antioxidants assist to decrease the inflammation associated with ailments like arthritis. Rosemary is also known to help reduce pain and swelling.

Known as the “happiness herb,” because of its sedative properties, marjoram is known to help those who are suffering pain from trauma or distress. Marjoram is excellent for treating stiffness, muscle spasms, migraines, and pains associated with arthritis. It also successfully helps to de-stress involuntary muscle groups, including the heart, diaphragm and colon.

Sandalwood essential oil is often used to treat muscle spasms, lymph node congestion and sciatica. It is also great in helping to relieve skin irritations because of its inflammatory nature. 

With its relaxing properties, fennel is known to de-stress nerves, muscles, intestines and the respiratory system. It has an antispasmodic effect, which can relieve the source of many types of pain.

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. It is frequently used in pharmaceutical and dental products for tooth pain, and throat infections. It is a stimulant and has stomachic, expectorant, sedative, carminative, antispasmodic and digestive qualities. Use it in combination with a carrier oil, and apply to abdomen, chest, or any part of the body afflicted with pain. 

Be Well Informed
Now, depending on the kind of pain you are experiencing, and the type of oil, some can be applied directly to pressure points to relieve stiffness, combined with a carrier oil. Other oils can be taken internally mixed with water. Be sure to read on the applications of the oils that you choose, as some are too potent to be applied directly to certain areas. Now you’re one step closer to being pain free, and being able to heal yourself the all-natural way.

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