How Citrus Essential Oils Can Lift Your Mood

How Citrus Essential Oils Can Lift Your Mood

There are so many artificial mood improving remedies on the market today. Antidepressants have many side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, tired or insomnia. These drugs  can negatively influence you under the pretense of helping you with your mood and energy. Rather than giving you relief it just replaces one issue with another. Caffeine, while a natural stimulant, can be addictive, raise blood pressure, and increase your anxiety and depression. Products like opioids are highly addictive and can be harmful. Sometimes it seems like there's nothing out there that will help lift your mood, get you out of that fog, while still benefiting your overall wellness.  

Citrus oils are some of the most powerful, mood booster essential oils. Simply inhaling citrus oils such as lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit can promote a higher sense of health and wellness. These oils influence the chemicals and hormones in the brain to increase your vitality and better your mood! You don't have to depend on expensive, ineffective remedies anymore! Get the relief and emotional support you need with these wonderful oils!


Lemon oil is not only great tasting, it has detoxifying qualities and calming properties. Mental fogs, exhaustion, anxiety, and nervous tension will no longer be an issue once you begin using lemon oil! Searching for something to help you concentrate and become more alert? Lemon oil is amazing for brain stimulation and focus! Lemon oil can help insomnia and ensures you wake up energized. You can use lemon oil by dropping a few drops into your hands, rubbing them together and then inhaling for a refreshing mood lift. 


Orange oil is used in a variety of ways. This oil has been used to flavor dishes, is anti-aging and wrinkle smoothing, and a wonderful scent to use as an air freshener. Since orange oil is a natural sedative it is a great remedy for relieving anger, and depression. This oil naturally lowers cortisol levels to decrease anxiety.  Orange oil is a much better choice over artificial tranquilizers that damage your heart and other internal organs. Diffusing this oil in your home or office is a wonderful way to experience the invigorating sensation of orange oil.


Grapefruit oil is a natural stress fighter. This oil is soothing and brings clarity. As a natural pick-me-up grapefruit can get rid of that mid-day slump and bring back your energy! Stimulating your nervous system with grapefruit oil will help you focus and stay alert. Ditch the mental inactivity and lack of motivation and use grapefruit oil to boost your mood! Put a few drops in a glass of water for an uplifting drink, or massage into your hands and inhale the cleansing scent of grapefruit oil!

The over the counter medications and expensive prescriptions don't have to plague you anymore! Beat mood issues without the risk of addiction. Don’t settle for less than the best and most effective. Enhance your emotional wellness, ease your moods of irritability and anxiety, and revitalize with the help of these amazing citrus oils! These great oils are an easy way to get true relief quickly. No more waiting for your medications or the caffeine to kick in. Take back the stability and happiness in your life and begin improving your moods!

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