Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oil Purity

Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oil Purity

Essential oils are among the most popular natural alternatives and solutions today. There are many different brands of essential oils and it can become confusing as to which brand has the best, most pure, highest quality oils. With the various benefits of essential oils you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most potent and effective remedy to help you along your wellness journey. 

Since there are so many different brands with numerous sources from which their oils comes, you have to be cautious. Many manufacturers corrupt their oils and still claim full purity. It’s hard to know what to believe. With adulterants in your oils such as toxic synthetics and cheap fillers your health and wellness could become more at risk. Synthetics and chemicals can cause skin irritations or other reactions. 

With all the shouts of: “We have the ONLY pure oils anywhere.” or “There are NO other pure retail oils on the market.” and “Our oils are therapeutic grade.” It gets frustrating trying to navigate which company is the real deal. Here at Viola Essentials we want you to be confident in your knowledge of essential oils.

SO here is what you need to know about essential oil purity!

There are several ways to tell the purity of an oil. One thing you can do is to check the label! Does it provide the latin name? Make sure you’re getting the right oil. There shouldn’t be anything but the one 100% pure oil listed, unless its an oil blend. Check to see if the country where the plant was grown is listed. Quality can vary depending on the country. Country of plant origin, extraction process used, and either a distillation or expiration date are all important information you could check for. Labels will always indicate if the oil is pure or not.

Another way is to compare pricing. If the oil you’re looking at is extremely cheap by comparison to other leading oil companies it could have additives or be completely fake. Every oil requires a large amount of plant matter to produce a small amount of oil. It's a big process which means good quality oils are never cheap. 

Smell your oils! If the oil you have bought smells different from other bottles of the same oil from the same company that's a good sign! If your oils consistantly smell the same the company is probably corrupting your oils with synthetic scents and chemicals to make it always smell the same.

Make sure you are buying essential oils. Other oils such as perfumery oils, fragrance oils, and flavorings often provide a stronger pleasant fragrance, but do not offer the therapeutic benefit of true essential oils. Fragrance, flavorings, and perfumery oils are made synthetically and can cause skin irritations since they are not true oils. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy and benefit your health whereas fragrance oils are made to smell and have no health benefits.

The packaging of the oil is also important. Pure oils must be kept in glass. Pure oils react to and break down plastic. Not just any glass can hold your oils though, it should be dark blue or amber tinted to protect the oil from degrading ultraviolet radiation. 

Essential oil businesses that care about selling only the purest oils will usually have them tested. The two tests are the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tests, or GC/MS. You can find many of these reports on their websites. 

We want you to experience the Viola difference. Viola Essentials proudly offers the purest, most high quality essential oils and carrier oils on the market. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to crafting and preserving our precious oils. We specifically designed our packaging to ensure proper preservation and safe use. The care we put into our packaging ensures you experience the true benefits of your natural oils for as long as possible. Our oils are sourced from only the best. You can rest assured that you are buying oils that are the highest quality when you purchase from Viola Essentials! Shop our pure essential oils and carrier oils now and experience the Viola difference!

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