Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones

Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones

When we think of hormones we often think of women, but did you know that both men and women are affected by hormone imbalance? These symptoms might include:

  • Weight gain

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Fertility problems

  • Abdominal cramping

  • Headaches

  • Stress

A lot of women have seen great results by using essential oils for hormone balance and to help with cramping, PMS and other symptoms. PMS is greatly caused by the imbalance of hormones and neurotransmitters, which is influenced by hormone fluctuations before menstruation. Because of this, improving the balance of hormones and neurotransmitters can help alleviate the symptoms of PMS and other female hormone issues.

Although these symptoms might be irritating to deal with, there are natural solutions to help with balancing out hormones. Essential oils offer a wide range of remedies when it comes to this topic. Here are some essential oils that will help you with balancing your hormones the natural way!


Thyme oil helps the body by increasing and improving progesterone production. Both men and many women are low in progesterone, and low progesterone levels have been associated with infertility, PCOS and depression as well as other imbalanced hormones within the body.


Basil improves the body’s natural response to both physical and emotional stress while helping you to cope better.

Basil calms feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion. Rub a couple of drops of organic basil oil diluted in a carrier oil daily into your forearms or your ear’s adrenal gland point at the tragus (the cartilage above your earlobe) to bring balance to your adrenals.

Sandalwood essential oil:

Sandalwood is very effective at balancing out testosterone levels in both men and women. Add a few drops to a homemade fragrance or lotion, and you’re set!


Lavender has been proven to reduce stress, and helps you get better sleep! A study by the Department of Psychology of Wesleyan University, Connecticut found that the aroma therapeutic use of lavender increased the percentage of deep, restorative, slow-wave sleep in all men and women. That’s right, just by smelling lavender you will get better sleep! To do this, make an essential oil mist of lavender and water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on your pillow before bedtime to improve your deep sleep.

Clary sage:  

Clary sage helps balance the amount of estrogen production in the body. It can also help relieve painful menstrual cramps. To do this, dilute a few drops in almond oil and rub the mixture on the stomach and ovary area for pain relief.  

To ease PMS and other feminine discomforts, add a few drops of clary sage, a drop of geranium and one drop of ylang ylang oil diluted in a carrier oil or emulsified in milk to a warm bath.

Clary sage can also help lower cortisol levels and can improve thyroid hormone levels. Lowering cortisol levels helps with depression, and clary sage does just that! Similar to lavender, just by smelling clary sage it has an anti-depressant effect and improves your mood!


In general, one of the best essential oils for thyroid function and autoimmune issues is frankincense oil, which reduces inflammation, also helping to lower those cortisol levels.

Rose oil:

Rose essential oil is a natural mood lifter. It’s been proven to help in improving serotonin and other neuropeptides in the brain, otherwise known as those good mood hormones!


Peppermint oil works great at significantly decreasing the intensity of headaches. To do this, apply it topically to the temples, forehead and wrists to help soothe stress and alleviate tension.

So there you have it! Use this list of essential oils to balance out hormones the natural way, and you will see great results as many men and women have!

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